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Dear Europassion Friends


We thank you very much for such a large presence at the Congress held from 31.03 to 03.04 2016 in Cieszyn.


During that long weekend we have experienced a whole lot of positive feelings both in terms of our relationships and integration, but mainly as for the spirituality. The Good News of Lord’s Resurrection which has led us this time to Cieszyn, was the main integration factor for all delegations, participants and guests.


Patronage and spiritual care of respectively: civil and ecclesiastical authorities as well as personal attendance of some of them, gave the Congress an appropriate rank among  Cieszyn citizens and are also a confirmation of respect to Europassion idea as an international society. Moreover, the need to mention the presence of God in contemporary Europe was discussed by invited official representatives during their readings.


The Congress itself was luckily carried out without major organization and security issues , despite of the presence of a few hundreds of people representing nearly forty passion groups from several European countries. There were  completely no problems in communication, which proves once again that the common idea unites people above divisions and difficulties.


Enjoying already passed Congress, we strongly believe it to be fruitful in the form of strengthening the European Christian community and helping unite all the Christians one day, hopefully .


To the organizers of the next Congress in Kecskemét, Hungary next year, who have took over the Europassion insignia at the end of the official part of the Cieszyn program:we wish you lot of perseverance in hardships of the organization and the success of this great undertaking. With the help of the Lord, you can succeed in this great undertaking.


Despite the Congress in Cieszyn has inevitably ended, we constantly invite you all to visit us again and again on the occasion of performing our Passion Play or traditional nativity play called “Jasełka” or finally the “Expected Gueest” play which all three are set year-by-year in our Cieszyn theater as an amateur group existing at the parish of St. Elizabeth.


To consolidate the memories of this year's 32 Europassion Congress and your stay in Cieszyn, we encourage you to click the link to our gallery where many of you will probably recognize themselves and your friends.





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